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I might have to drop out of this next GGR Round. It sucks but the deadline is just poor timing, I also have a ton of commissions to work on and not to mention my new job in which I have to draw a comic around the same deadline.  I'm not calling it quits right now because I may luck out and be able to squeeze something in, but don't be surprised if you don't see a submission from me this time.  I already spent the last week drawing in my every waking minute to get my last project done and I'm close to being completely burnt out.  I really want to keep going in the competition because it seems really fun and I had some really cool scenarios planned for down the line but only time will tell if it will happen or not.  The chances of me making it in this time will be better if they extend the deadline again, but we'll see what happens.
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I'm not an authority on anything and this is advice that most of you will probably have heard somewhere else but just in case some of you don't here it is.

Don't make excuses. Draw. This goes with drawing, writing, playing music, whatever. You have to do it if it's what you want to do and it's the only way you're going to get better.  If you're inexperienced, drawing gains you that experience.  If you don't like where your quality level is, it's just going to stay there unless you keep practicing. Obvious right? Well not for everybody.

Don't apologize for your art. Quit shooting yourself in the foot. If you're showing it to friends or professors or professionals you have to let your art speak for itself.  The moment you start saying "I'm sorry, this is old." or "this is shitty, sorry I didn't have time to finish this." then you're just undercutting yourself.   If someone tells me that before showing me their art I kinda don't feel like looking at it.  You've already decreed yourself shitty and now I do too.  And sometimes things happen, you get sick, there's a tragedy, you have to work a lot and you don't get to produce something as good as you want it but don't say that. No one's going to take pity on you, there' not going to use their imagination to make your art better. Let your art speak for itself, and if it's lacking do your best to make it even better next time.

Stop procrastinating.  Manage your time wisely.  I'm just telling you stuff everyone has been telling you for years.  If you have a month to draw something, don't wait til the last week to do it, or last DAY.  When that happens you rush it, the quality is low, you make excuses about "how you didn't have enough time to finish" and apologize for it looking crappy (all things you shouldn't do remember).  If you're just going to put it off and rush it during the last week you might as well rush it in the first week and get it over with, without the stress.  Other wise you're just wasting your own time.

Take constructive criticism. Don't be offended by every comment that's not complimenting you and don't make excuses (I'm jut repeating myself now).  Don't get me wrong, if people are just saying "this sucks" or badgering you like an asshole then ignore them.  But if someone's trying to give you advice on how to grow or improve, don't brush it off.  Listen to it and think about it. You don't HAVE to take their advice, you can do whatever the hell you want, but if you're trying to get better at what you're doing then consider that advice and if it may help you or not. Try it out, it may be wrong for you but it won't hurt.

I say this as an offender of all these mistakes.  I've made excuses out of fear and insecurity which has put things on hold or ultimately made some projects never happen.  I've apologized for my poor quality art, I've been a serial procrastinator, and I've learned how to not only take constructive criticism but apply it to my work and ultimately make it better.  I hope somebody out there reads this or something like this and it helps them in some way or another.  There are obviously more lessons out there for being an artist, written by someone more qualified, and some lessons that I still need to learn.  But who knows maybe I'll write another post about those as I grow and learn as well.  

Have a good new year, and go make some art.
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Felt I needed to update my journal, got pretty sick and tired of seeing the super old My Little Pony  review every time I logged in.  For those of you who don't know, a lot of things happened since my last post.  I graduated from SCAD, lived in Savannah for a year, worked at Old Navy for a few months (ugh), and finished my first Issue of "The Bolt Strikes".  A few months ago I did a road trip across the country to California where I'm staying now, trying to somehow make my way into this air tight fortress that is the animation industry. *Sigh*, no far no progress, but I am working on "The Bolt Strikes" Issue 2 so hopefully that will be done within tbis and the next month.
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I dont understand the MLP craze but wanted to figure it out, I head that all it takes is 5 episodes to get you hooked so a few days ago I watched the first five and this is the review I wrote about it:

So I just finished watching the first 5 episodes of My Little Pony and to be completely honest my views have not changed much.  Lets start with the pros, or my likes of the show:
- In the first episode when the show gives little hints to "Nightmare Moon" like her reflection in the big hour glass, or the moon craters in the shape of her head was pretty cool and I thought that was really clever.
-"Twilight Sparkle" can teleport, and teleporting is always fucking cool
-there was one line out of all the 5 episodes that made me laugh out loud and it was in episode three when "Flutter Shy" is confronted about being nice to get a ticket and she says "no im doing this because you're my very best friend, right angel?" looks at rabbit with disapproval face  "oh, yes, we are just doing this for the ticket"
-The idea of characters being different representations of the elements of harmony is a cool idea and has always been succesful (with me anyways) in things like powerrangers, captain planet, digimon, etc.  Tho when I heard "elements of harmony" that just sounded silly to me.

Now on to the cons or things that I personally just didn't like:
- This show has a group of horses called "Wonder-Bolts", yeah maybe not reason enough to hate the show but its not helping it at all in my case.
- The mantacore in the second episode could've been cool but was lame, it was a cat with a thorn in its paw, thats just stupid and cliche.
- That dragon with a mustache was super gay, I don't think thats a con necessarily, but it was worth mentioning.
-When "Pinkie Pie" starts singing it was just like "Aw crap, here we go". And it was kinda funny that the other character commented on how out of place it was too, but then all that didn't mattered when the solution to making demon trees go away was laughter. thats. fucking. stupid. I dont care how old you are, laugh in the face of danger and you'll be fine? what kind of message is that.  next time you're in savannah and get held up by gun point for your walet just laugh in the guys face and see what happens.  Also the trees didnt really do anything at all so was there really any point to laughing them away, i don't even think they moved at all. they virtually posed no threat. (also on a side note when Pinkie was inside a tree poking her head out of its demon mouth, the moment she started laughing should've caused the mouth to dissapear thus decapitating her, just sayin)
-Rainbow Dash is kind of annoying, shes like Scrappy Doo in my opinion. but honestly they're all annoying so i cant just pick on her.
-All the dude horses are pretty much manual laborers or slaves which kind of bothers me. Sure its a cartoon for little girls, and girl empowerment and all that good stuff but a bunch of grown men watch this shit too so what does that say about them? and ladies what if a cartoon had all dude main characters and the only girls that showed up were in the kitchen makin sammiches or cleanin the house (dont bring up a japanese cartoon like that because i probs havent seen it and wouldnt like it anyway)
-Artistically, the show is not badly developed.  i keep hearing all this praise for its "beautiful awesome" animation and its nothing special, its nothing I haven't seen from other flash animated shows like 6teen or Skunk Fu.  Dont mistake the different style for amazing animation, its good but it didn't blow my mind.
-Also all the character designs are too similar, they all have the exact same pony template and throw on different colors or hair to differentiate them.  I understand why this is, its a kid show with the purpose of mass producing and selling toys.  their blank pony template can be very customizeable so that everyone can make their own unique one while still being connected, which is why there are those sites to "make your own pony" and shit.  But for my cartoons I need variety, having all the characters so similar is just boring and doesnt make any of them stand out on their own.  I like the use of different shapes in character designs, which is used in awesome shows like Mystery Inc., The Avengers, and Transformers Prime.  Their different shapes and designs help emphasize who that character is while the ponies all seem interchangeable.  I guess it also doesn't help that I grew up in kentucky and am sick of friggin horses.
-And overall the show is just waaaay to corny and cheezy for me to get into.  Which again is understandable because its a show meant for 3 to 6 year old girls, but then it gets really confusing when Bronies proclaim their man love for it.  Don't give me that "you need to watch more episodes and you'll be hooked" that shit didnt fly with me for Homestuck and its not gonna fly now.  It was claimed that all it takes was 5 episodes to make you love it and hoenstly by the middle of episode 3 I had lost interest, episode 4 I was bored, and episode 5 I was barely even paying attention anymore.  And dont try to give me any bullshit about "well you're just not sensitive enough, or you're not comfortable with your masculinity". I cried during Ice Age for god sakes, I am more sensitive then i'd like to be!

And no I'm not saying I don't like it just to save face while secretly loving it, thats stupid.  If I like something I usually want to share it, otherwise I'd kept it secret that I love the transformer movies.  ANd there are clearly so many Bronies out there to share it with so there'd be no reason to try and lie about it.  My Little Pony is not that good ya'll, its a great show for little kids but it still baffles my mind why adults would like it THIS MUCH.  Im not saying its weird that adults like shows for kids, I myself have enjoyed shows like Arthur, Word Girl, and even (god forbid) Word World, but this show has shown a disturbing amount of worship and praise for only being ok.  Can you all tell me why you like it so damn much (to those of you who do)?  Ive heard its because of the characters, honestly I've seen all these characters before and there are better characters in other shows right now. Animation is acceptable, is it because all the horses are lesbians or something? is that why guys like it?

I don't know.  All I know is that nothing about it grabbed me by the balls and makes me want to see what happens next, that and I have lost faith in humanity but whatever, you like what you like.  I only hope that one day I too can create something mediocre and accumulate a massive horde of fans.  THREE CHEERS FOR MEDIOCRITY!!!

PS - From now on any conversation I'm in that gos towards ponies I reserve the right to start listening to my ipod and ignore everyone, lemme know when the pony talk is done.
Yesterday I turned 22, and it was a momentous occasion but not at all in the way I had hoped.  Being stung by a bee for the first time in the neck wasn't much fun, and having to spend an all-nighter working in a dark window-less animation department was even less so.  But all of that I could handle, what I couldn't handle was learning that one of my all-time heroes and inspirations Dwayne McDuffie had passed away.

Dwayne McDuffie was co-creator of Milestone comics, creator of characters like Static and Icon, and overall a very gifted writer who worked in comics and animation.  As a little kid I read comics every now and then but I wasn't at all big into them, more into cartoons, but then I was given a ton of Milestone comics and something sparked inside me.  It was really the first time I personally had ever seen comic titles featuring black heroes as main characters leading the story.  They weren't tokens, they weren't sidekicks, they weren't back-up but actual title characters.

People may think my character the Bolt is taken from Black Lightening but it really was inspired by Static.  I'm one of those fans that hates it when people call him Static-Shock because thats the name of the show, and there was a character that existed long before that.  I had a ton of comics, I had first issues, I loved watching the cartoon, and it definitely influenced the creation of my character when I was around 10 or 11.

This was extremely depressing and even had me tearing up.  I have always really wanted to meet this man and tell him thank you and just shake his hand, and I knew it was in the realm of possibility because I'm closer into the world of comics and animation now.  Unfortunately I won't ever get that chance.  So it was the lowest point of my birthday to find out this trailblazer passed away, but now every birthday I have will remind me of how great this guy was to the industry and how he helped inspire me do what I'm doing today.  I hope one day in the future I can be half as cool as Dwayne was and inspire somebody else like he did me.

I hope you all will take a look at this:…
its a tribute thats going to happen for his creation and one of my all-time favorite comic book characters Static. I know I'm super swamped with tons of work but I'm still taking part in this.  Thank you McDuffie, I'm sorry I never got to meet you in person, but I won't ever forget you man.  R.I.P.
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Hey everybody, everything's been a little crazy lately and I've been super busy but big things are on the horizon.  MindWave comics is gonna be at C2E2 WITH IT"S OWN BOOTH!!! (Btw, if you don't know what MindWave comics is its the merger collabo business of one Dave Wheeler's MindBlow Studios and my NetWave comics, the universe that brings you WonderBoy, The Bolt, and much more)  So that's pretty amazing and a whole team of MindWavers are gonna be there selling the WonderBoy books 1 and 2, among other stuff.

Regrettably due to a series of unfortunate events I'm not able to afford to make the trip with my colleagues up to Chicago.  So I've come up with a plan that will hopefully get me the funds to afford the plane ticket, but I'm gonna need your help.

I'm selling 5 dollar sketches, anything you want, up to two characters.  Please help me get to my goal of $120 so I can be in a booth with my MindWave crew for the first time.  If you're interested in a sketch, send me an email at (this is also my email for paypal).  And please let me know as soon as possible, the sooner I can get the ticket the better.  With your help we can make it happen! ROAD TO C2E2 FUND! Baby here we come, WOOO!
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Yo, sup. Art Slam is officially in business,…, a challenge to draw at least one piece of art every day to help improve your concept or whatever story you're working on.  You can do it for 1 month, 2 months, or 3 months, and I'm doin the big 3 of course.  My first one went up last night, and another one will be posted up today.  To check out a new pic every day just go to my blog:… or on livejournal:
Come visit and comment.  I think its too late to sign up for the Art Slam but that doesn't mean you can't try it out too, push yourself to draw atleast one image a day, it can be as complete or sketchy as you want it.  Its a great motivator and way to keep your skills up.  Thats it for now, PEACE.
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If you didn't already now I'm telling you now. I quit DeviantArt.  It's not the place for me.  I know it sounds conceited and self-absorbed to say that I didn't get enough attention on DevArt but we're artists, that's the whole point (well, not the WHOLE point but some of it).  I'm done, DevArt for some reason makes me want to please people and get as many people interested in my stuff as possible, but I keep failing at that because I don't draw a certain way, don't draw certain things, or just aren't famous enough.  

normally I don't give a f**k about what people think but DeviantArt somehow forces me to feel differently, and I don't like feeling that way.  So I'm done trying to be some cool artist with goals of impressing everybody, because it's just not working and it's not f**king worth it.  Especially after I saw that my sh*t got stolen from here a few days ago, DeviantArt just continues to reveal itself to be a major disappointed every time I log on. It's kinda like being on facebook but never getting any notifications... ever, it's silly but its still a pain.  

Don't get me wrong, the art on here is phenomenal and theres no way I could leave that behind.  So I won't be deleting my account but I'll only come on DeviantArt strictly to follow other artists and leave comments, I won't be posting anymore art up here at all.  though I may post one last picture at some point because it would be disgusting to have my last devart pic be Goku "fan"art. (I use the term fan loosely)

So thats it, i'm gonna be a DevArt Ghost, don't expect anymore art outta me on this site.  For the few of you who still wanna see my crap just go to my blog where I'll probably be posting everything from now on.  I could either draw stuff to impress people on DeviantArt and have nobody care, or I could draw whatever the f**k I want on my blog and have nobody care.  i choose the latter.    

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It has FINALLY arrived, something I've had to keep under wraps for the past several weeks is now out in the open and I'm free to whore myself willingly now! TECHNO INSECTO!!!! A small humble comic idea I've had brewing on the back burner that I decided to flesh out into 8 pages and submit to ZUDA COMICS, which is for those of you who don't know an online company owned by DC comics who hosts an online web comic competition every month.

This is exciting why? Because for one, the fact that I just got IN the competition means I get paid 500 bucks! And IF I win the competition, Zuda will comission me to turn TECHNO INSECTO into a full book of about 60 or more pages, and it will get published and be in book stores, how awesome is that!?!

So here's where you come in, I'm not going to tell you to vote for me (though it would be nice) but instead I want you to go to Zuda Comics website, read the comics, and vote honestly on which one you like the best. If you read mine and like mine, then you can vote on it, if you don't like mine, maybe ya pitty vote on it. Haha, just kidding.

But to be apart of the zuda comics process you have to go to ; if you're not a member you have to make a log in account. But its ok because you don't have to pay anything at all, you just sign yourself up to be allowed to vote and read awesome comics. I think thats a GREAT deal. And once you're in you can vote on whatever comic you want. Be aware that you can only vote on one comic once, Zuda does however give you one opportunity to take your one vote back and change it if you change your mind, but THATS IT. Also it would be greatly appreciated if no one tried to make multiple accounts and vote for me or anyone several times, because if Zuda notices foul play then they can disqualify me from the competition.

In CONCLUSION, Im super pumped that I just got in the top 10 alone, if I dont win, its no big, this alone is PRETTY DAMN COOL!(and a serious pick me up from the math fiasco last weekend) So head on over to the website, check out TECHNO INSECTO, the inspiring tale of a scientist and his techno organic insectoid friend who discover an amazing power and set off on an adventure. To see where the adventure continues however, you GOTTA VOTE and it has to win. So thanks, the News is out, and go check out TECHNO INSECTO!!! RIGHT NOW!!! PLEASE!!!
And tell your friends!

direct link to comic:
Warning:  This journal entry is gonna be me babbling which shouldn't really matter because I'm pretty sure no one reads my journals anyway. but its here so I might as well use it.   BTW, there's gonna be some personal stuff in here but again I'm not worried cuz nobody will be reading this, if you are good for you.  I am drained, physically and emotionally drained. It's only been 3 weeks since I've been back at SCAD, and to be honest I'm not doin as bad as I used to be.  i got cool classes, I have a job now, and though it took 10 years I have people commissioning me to do work.  Awesome right?  it should be, but that's the funny thing about life, no matter how great it can be there seems to be an increasingly overbearing downside to everything, that's in my case at least.  

Sure I know I should look at things differently, use that power of positive thinking crap but it's not as easy as Oprah makes it seem.  Let's get right down to the bare facts, it sucks. Everything sucks, as great as I'm doing, as happy as I should be, everything around me sucks.  I feel like my life needs to be better, it's common sense that if I'm successful and doing fine for myself that I should be happy.  But if life made sense it wouldn't be life anymore.  I'm either always angry or depressed at everything goin on around me, I'm jealous or disgusted by people enjoying themselves and that's fucking ridiculous.  And more and more it seems like Everybody has gotten the hang of living, and I'm stuck several chapters back still trying to figure it out. Ofcourse on the outside it doesn't seem that way, because I'm a great actor.  When in reality the ONLY times I'm ever happy is when I've got a pencil in my hand or when I'm hangin with the best damn girl in the world who doesn't know I like her.  (which is my fault of course because I can't seem to tell her) I didn't grow up talking about my feelings, or telling my pals what was on my mind.  If someone needed to talk to me I'd be the best person to listen to and give advice but try a role reversal and you'd get nothin outta me because for the life of me I can't give it.

People always think whenever I'm stressed it's cuz I got too much work on my plate, trying to do too many jobs, struggling with whatever task that needs to be done, and though I do take on too much to do sometimes that's never the real case.  You give me a job, and I'll do it.  Any project or assignment that needs to be done, I'll do no matter what because not succeeding is not an option for me. I'll deliver every time, like a machine. But my problem is with being human.  My problem is with people.  I got hundreds of friends all over the world but a ton of em don't know damn thing about me, cuz I wont tell them.  i think I've grown so bitter and cold towards people and relationships that I've ceased to make any more meaningful ones.  So I've sabotaged myself, so much in fact so that now I only really have 2 or 3 friends here that I'm really close with.  Most of which I never see anymore; and the one who I look up to the most, that girl that's so damn awesome, is gonna be gone next year; and when that happens I'm just gonna be goin thru the motions.

Well fuck, I warned ya non-existent reader.  I just went ahead and laid it all out there.  That's my life in a nut shell, or a nut sack as I cleverly titled the post. I guess its lethargic or whatever to write shit like this down, I highly doubt deviant art is the place to put it.  but then again I'm not expecting any fans to be tolling my journal History anytime soon. But if someone does manage to stumble on this stuff then take a lesson from it.  Don't screw yourself over like me.  Go tell that girl you like her, go tell your best friend what's on your mind, and don't ruin your chances of bein happy by just lookin at the downside of life.  What I'm gonna do? Fuck, who knows?  I'm gonna keep goin, cuz that's all I can do.  Just cuz I trip up the rest of the world's not gonna stop and wait on me, gotta catch up my own damn self.

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Yo, I just saw 9 and let me tell you it was DOPE!!! It was dark, suspenseful, and mysterious. The animation was on point and I was into the story. This movie had me on edge, I was anxious, scared, it was action packed, and I got emotionally attached to some of the characters. Over all this movie was really cool and like they say, it's not your little brother's animated movie. Glad i went to see it, you should go see it too.
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Uhm... i got tagged by some crazy chick  :iconarricia-sama: so i'm obligated by federal law to fill out this thing that seemingly has no purpose whatsoever. here we go.

1ST : If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own journal.

1. Who is your celebrity crush?
Anne Hathaway, i know, random right. her or Ellen Page, because they look like some people i knowz in the real world

2. What are you most excited for?
Going back to school and moving in with some tards. and gettin the hell outta edwardsville.

3. What was the last thing you bought?
a ton of crap for my new spot at scad including: plate set, tape measure, sandwich maker, and a spatula

4. What was the cutest thing you've seen today?
what kinda crap is that? where do you think i live? candy fuckin mountain? next question.

5. Does the weather affect your mood?
No, cuz thats stupid. My moods effect the weather.

6. Tell me 5 things you can't live without:
-Draw/Pencil n Paper
-My love of Dance

7. Say something to the person who tagged you:
The next time I see you... You best believe its on!

I tag: (I dont think I know 7 people on DA that would do this. I dont even think i know 7 people period. if u get tagged i'm sorry but its totally personal and you deserved it.)
:iconfenatyka::iconb-for-brendetta::iconwikkidwikkid::iconkross29: :iconthegreatmrchibi::icongoldfishinabag::iconyorkchop:

I refuse to let these people know based soley on the fact that i'm very lazy, if they follow my journal they should have no problem finding this entry, if not then they save themselves the trouble of particpating in this useless excercise. PEACE! BUY MY BOOK!
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Yo everybody!  Its done, finally, my premiere preview art book; Ante-Up: Prelude to Madness. 20 pages of Sketch Master Skillz goodness right here: I just got it finished and ready to go on sale, unfortunately it's a little pricier than i was going for, its 10.50(I lowered it from its original 15 bucks).  Initially I was gonna sell it on IndyPlanet through Ka-Blam for cheaper but they never replied to me so I switched to Lulu.  However, there is a download version for half the price, 7.50, I suggest buying that one for your computer and save some dough for when the bigger, better, badder version comes out hopefully buy this December.  If you like my stuff here, please head on over to the site and support the book, this will further help me to put out more and better artwork and get the big book done faster. Thanks again to ya'll, peace.
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(what follows is a note i posted on facebook)

Sup everybody. August is comin to a close, September's right around the corner and school is rearin its ugly head. Some of you may be ape shit busy, some may be racked with boredom, but i've come up with something that i think might insert some fun into your lives. I have a proposal, call it a challenge; I've come to find that there are several icons in my life that i've never drawn before... EVER, and this is a challenge not only to you but to me as well to draw a character or icon ive never drawn before. i will do this every single day of September (not counting the days i have to drive back to savannah, but i'll make up for those), I've already comprised a list of characters ive never drawn but it only reaches 20 (i'm still thinkin up some more):

1. Harry Potter
2. Master Chief
3. Dead Pool
4. Link
5. Conan the Barbarian
6. Megaman
7. Ang The Airbender
8. Solid Snake
9. Earthworm Jim
10. Mario
1. Samus
2. Jessica Rabbit
3. Yoko
4. She-Ra
5. April O’Neil
6. Baroness
7. Cheetara
8. Princess Peach
9. Lara Croft
10. Sailor Moon

At first i tried to even it out between men and women, but now i'm letting it be a free for all, sex is no boundary. i challenge you to take a stab at your own list, or draw charcters from my list, or draw whatever the hell you want. you dont even have to do it everyday if you can't. They dont have to be super finsihed, colored, or rendered, they can just be quick sketches and whatnot. But i think it would be cool to see your different styles and takes on some of our classic icons. So have at it fellow artists, if you agree to comply you can put your art up here on facebook, deviant art, or where ever, just let me know where cuz i wanna see :]

To check my progress and see the pics as i upload them you can check em here: sketchmasterskillz.deviantart.… , or follow me on twitter where i upload em everyday :
In hopes to raise money not only for leisurely spending but for a study abroad trip to Japan I've made a proposition to draw for my money. Putting my skills to good use.

I'm open for commission, good quality original black and white sketches.

8 1/2 by 11" sketches are 5 dollars each

4 by 8 1/2" sketches are 1 dollar each

If you've looked through my gallery you'll know what type of standard to expect.  I'll draw any character in a sketch, possibly more, but if it gets too complicated or intricate(meaning a whole bunch a mess is goin on) then the price will cost more.  I'm open to drawing almost anything but somethings are off limits, you can discuss with me in private what it is you wish and I'll let you know if I have a problem with it or not.

As of now my paypal account is on the fritz but I am in the process of getting it under control.  Once it is all settled I'll give an update stating so.  If you are interested at all feel free to message me privately here on DevArt or you can email me at

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Sup, basically its what the title says. I'm done with lookin for tournaments and things to be apart of.  I've really wanted to do one for the longest time but i'm givin up now, i always come across ones that have ended or just started and i'm too late to be apart of and its a waste of time and effort trying to get into them it seems.

Plus i got homework and projects i'm doin everyday plus other stuff so i doubt now i'd even have time to do any of that stuff.  I'm thinkin to just let it go and get better at what i do, cuz right now i dont think that very many people care about what i do, the focus is more on manga art atleast from MY perspective.

Anyway, I'm just gonna do whatever. I'm also trying to start a funny comic that i'll try putting on the web so no more trying to battle with other artists. seemed fun but its not happenin, so in 5 years when i hopefully have a subscription if anythins goin on let me know. until then i'm gonna do what i do and get back to work.

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So I thought maybe i should elaborate on my being open for commissions.  realized that i didn't put any details down so that may make people not wanna even bother.  And even if i still don't get any offers its ok cuz i know i still need to learn and hone my skillz, but i'm poor so it would really help out.  Any way, here we go:

Black and White images - 10$

Color Images - 15$

Big Pieces (featuring several/more than 10 characters at a time) - 20$

I'm open to drawing just about anything, just nothing too weird (trust me, i'll tell you if it freaks me out or not).  i'm pretty good with the super hero comics type scene but will draw whatever you desire.

If ya want to contact me you can message me on DevArt or email me at:
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I didn't realize until just now that I never told anybody I do comission work.  I have no idea if it will matter or not but I'm announcing it, I'll draw whatever you want if you pay me.  Just send me a message letting me know and we'll make it happen. Haaaaa, feels good to get that off my chest.
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Yo yo yo! My first journal entry in like half a year.  So my last two weekends have been filled with midnight showings and exhilarating adventures, yes i'm talking about movies Iron Man and Speed Racer.

I've been saving my money (what little i have) for these and it was worth it.  Iron Man is such a badass movie, and it was good to see a comic book movie people weren't bitchin about like they ALWAYS DO. Love Robert Downey jr and i'm so friggin glad Marvel had full control of the film (notice the marvel STUDIOS sign in opening creds), this meant that theyhad control over portrayin what they created and it was obviously frikin fantastic!  I say no worries to people concerned about the next hulk film, its the same deal there where marvel got control and you KNOW its gonna be good cuz Edward Norton plays Bruce Banner and he doesn't do crappy roles.

Next film, Speed Racer! Sorry to all you old guys and geezers who whined about this not being like the old cartoon you all grew up with. Personally i'm glad its way different from the show... cuz the show kinda sucked guys, come on admit it.  That movie was so hot and fast paced.  The racing scenes OMG!!! I frickin loved the movie, and it was a crazy colorful visual eyegasm.  Alot of ou are going to hate me for liking this movie but whatever, i liked it, plus i'm a sucker for family movies, I just so happen to be the oldest brother of three so yeah when i was watchin it i felt like Racer X! Its a movie about brothers and i liked it.

Thats all i gotta say for now, i'm gonna go watch ben 10 alien force.  oh and some advice for you if you go to the movies, dont bitch about it the moment you step out the theater, no body likes you. haha, jk, but seriously.

I stuttered in the title because cloverfield gave me the quivers.  A great and amazing movie.  I know alotta you wont think that but i dont care.  Alotta people complain about it not explaining enough or not ending greatly but they can go see the american godzilla movie for all I care.

Too much explanation takes away from the mystery, the suspense, and the overall encompasing fear that you are delved into when watching this movie.  Who gives a fuck if the monster is born from a chemical spill or a space invader from jupiter, when a monster attacks you are worried about staying the fuck alive!

plus the movie is entirely from the point of view of civilians under attack, none of that corny reasons for stuff and explaining why would actually happen if you think about it.  it's the secretive mystery that keeps everyone wondering and talking about the movie and monster afterwards.  If you need all that extra B-movie crap then its prolly cuz ur a control freak who can't handle not knowing everything or being aware of what's going on, and that's scary to you, which is WHY THE MOVIE WORKS!!!

if you havent seen it, and you like monster movies, go see it.  Don't discriminate against it cuz its big bidget or anything, it is a thrill ride that clenches to you and doesn't let go.  And I didn't get sick from the camera shaking, dont complain about it either, if you had a camera during a monster attack running for your life do you think you'd be calm and steady the whole time?  Most of ya would throw you cameras away wouldnt ya?! I know you would!

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