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I dont understand the MLP craze but wanted to figure it out, I head that all it takes is 5 episodes to get you hooked so a few days ago I watched the first five and this is the review I wrote about it:

So I just finished watching the first 5 episodes of My Little Pony and to be completely honest my views have not changed much.  Lets start with the pros, or my likes of the show:
- In the first episode when the show gives little hints to "Nightmare Moon" like her reflection in the big hour glass, or the moon craters in the shape of her head was pretty cool and I thought that was really clever.
-"Twilight Sparkle" can teleport, and teleporting is always fucking cool
-there was one line out of all the 5 episodes that made me laugh out loud and it was in episode three when "Flutter Shy" is confronted about being nice to get a ticket and she says "no im doing this because you're my very best friend, right angel?" looks at rabbit with disapproval face  "oh, yes, we are just doing this for the ticket"
-The idea of characters being different representations of the elements of harmony is a cool idea and has always been succesful (with me anyways) in things like powerrangers, captain planet, digimon, etc.  Tho when I heard "elements of harmony" that just sounded silly to me.

Now on to the cons or things that I personally just didn't like:
- This show has a group of horses called "Wonder-Bolts", yeah maybe not reason enough to hate the show but its not helping it at all in my case.
- The mantacore in the second episode could've been cool but was lame, it was a cat with a thorn in its paw, thats just stupid and cliche.
- That dragon with a mustache was super gay, I don't think thats a con necessarily, but it was worth mentioning.
-When "Pinkie Pie" starts singing it was just like "Aw crap, here we go". And it was kinda funny that the other character commented on how out of place it was too, but then all that didn't mattered when the solution to making demon trees go away was laughter. thats. fucking. stupid. I dont care how old you are, laugh in the face of danger and you'll be fine? what kind of message is that.  next time you're in savannah and get held up by gun point for your walet just laugh in the guys face and see what happens.  Also the trees didnt really do anything at all so was there really any point to laughing them away, i don't even think they moved at all. they virtually posed no threat. (also on a side note when Pinkie was inside a tree poking her head out of its demon mouth, the moment she started laughing should've caused the mouth to dissapear thus decapitating her, just sayin)
-Rainbow Dash is kind of annoying, shes like Scrappy Doo in my opinion. but honestly they're all annoying so i cant just pick on her.
-All the dude horses are pretty much manual laborers or slaves which kind of bothers me. Sure its a cartoon for little girls, and girl empowerment and all that good stuff but a bunch of grown men watch this shit too so what does that say about them? and ladies what if a cartoon had all dude main characters and the only girls that showed up were in the kitchen makin sammiches or cleanin the house (dont bring up a japanese cartoon like that because i probs havent seen it and wouldnt like it anyway)
-Artistically, the show is not badly developed.  i keep hearing all this praise for its "beautiful awesome" animation and its nothing special, its nothing I haven't seen from other flash animated shows like 6teen or Skunk Fu.  Dont mistake the different style for amazing animation, its good but it didn't blow my mind.
-Also all the character designs are too similar, they all have the exact same pony template and throw on different colors or hair to differentiate them.  I understand why this is, its a kid show with the purpose of mass producing and selling toys.  their blank pony template can be very customizeable so that everyone can make their own unique one while still being connected, which is why there are those sites to "make your own pony" and shit.  But for my cartoons I need variety, having all the characters so similar is just boring and doesnt make any of them stand out on their own.  I like the use of different shapes in character designs, which is used in awesome shows like Mystery Inc., The Avengers, and Transformers Prime.  Their different shapes and designs help emphasize who that character is while the ponies all seem interchangeable.  I guess it also doesn't help that I grew up in kentucky and am sick of friggin horses.
-And overall the show is just waaaay to corny and cheezy for me to get into.  Which again is understandable because its a show meant for 3 to 6 year old girls, but then it gets really confusing when Bronies proclaim their man love for it.  Don't give me that "you need to watch more episodes and you'll be hooked" that shit didnt fly with me for Homestuck and its not gonna fly now.  It was claimed that all it takes was 5 episodes to make you love it and hoenstly by the middle of episode 3 I had lost interest, episode 4 I was bored, and episode 5 I was barely even paying attention anymore.  And dont try to give me any bullshit about "well you're just not sensitive enough, or you're not comfortable with your masculinity". I cried during Ice Age for god sakes, I am more sensitive then i'd like to be!

And no I'm not saying I don't like it just to save face while secretly loving it, thats stupid.  If I like something I usually want to share it, otherwise I'd kept it secret that I love the transformer movies.  ANd there are clearly so many Bronies out there to share it with so there'd be no reason to try and lie about it.  My Little Pony is not that good ya'll, its a great show for little kids but it still baffles my mind why adults would like it THIS MUCH.  Im not saying its weird that adults like shows for kids, I myself have enjoyed shows like Arthur, Word Girl, and even (god forbid) Word World, but this show has shown a disturbing amount of worship and praise for only being ok.  Can you all tell me why you like it so damn much (to those of you who do)?  Ive heard its because of the characters, honestly I've seen all these characters before and there are better characters in other shows right now. Animation is acceptable, is it because all the horses are lesbians or something? is that why guys like it?

I don't know.  All I know is that nothing about it grabbed me by the balls and makes me want to see what happens next, that and I have lost faith in humanity but whatever, you like what you like.  I only hope that one day I too can create something mediocre and accumulate a massive horde of fans.  THREE CHEERS FOR MEDIOCRITY!!!

PS - From now on any conversation I'm in that gos towards ponies I reserve the right to start listening to my ipod and ignore everyone, lemme know when the pony talk is done.
DeShockwav Featured By Owner May 22, 2012  Student General Artist
i agree with you 1000%. i don't understand why its getting so much praise.
Meam-chan Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2011   Traditional Artist
B-Bronies? what... I don't even...

KPLine Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
hahahahaha, 5 episodes? a stronger man than I.
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